Original Canadian Kettle Korn Ltd
Owners: Skyler and Corinne Stacey
Address: Leduc County, Alberta
Phone: 780-902-1992
Email: kettlecorn@syban.net


Ingredients: Corn, Canola Oil, Sugar and Salt.

No Peanuts
No Dairy
No Trans Fats

Kettle Corn is a Low Calorie Healthy Snack


Nutritional Content (Per 1 Cup 21.32g)    Calories 60     Calories from fat 2.5 

 Total Fat       3.0g    4%(DV)     Total Carbohydrates   8g    3%(DV)   Saturated Fat  0g    0%(DV)      Dietary Fiber  1.2g     1%(DV)        Cholesterol   0g   0%(DV)   Sugars  0.1g   Sodium  55mg  2%(DV)   Protein 1g


Keeping Edmonton Popping Since 1998

List of farm markets we attend:

Callingwood Farmers Market - Sundays 10-3 (May-October)
City Centre Market - Saturdays 9:30 - 3:00  (May-October)

Old Strathcona Farmers Market Saturdays 9:00 - 3:00 (Year Round)

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  Edmonton Fringe Festival
Edmonton Folk Festival
St. Albert International Children's Festival
Castrol Raceway
Capital X
Spruce Grove and St Albert Canada Day Celebrations
New Year's Eve First Night Festival

Thank you for all your support over the past 10 years in the Edmonton area.       We are looking forward to seeing you all again in early Spring.

(Bulk orders are available to school or charity events upon request)


Original Canadian Kettle Corn is Edmonton's only Premier Kettle Corn.

Family owned and Operated in Leduc County since 1998.

You can find our Kettle Corn in various farmers markets and events throughout the Edmonton area.

Our Kettle Corn is also available at          the majority of Edmonton Hospital Gift Shops

Through our unique Kettle cooking process each kernel is coated with the exact amount of Salt and Sugar to ensure a perfect flavour from your first bite to the bottom of the bag.

Original Canadian Kettle Corn is a proud supporter of the Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation with more than $15,000 donated from our popcorn sales to the foundation over the past 2 years.

We look forward to increasing this donation over the coming year with the help of our loyal customers.

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Copyright Original Canadian Kettle Korn Ltd. 2008

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